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Fluoride Treatment in DuPont, WA

Young boy receiving fluoride treatment at dentist from Children's Dentistry of DuPont in DuPont, WAIt's recommended by pediatric dentists everywhere, but what is the fluoride treatment they advertise? How does it work, and is it necessary for kids to get the treatment?

We all know brushing our teeth twice a day helps keep them healthy, but could there be more we can do for our children’s oral health care beyond just regular cleaning?

Importance of Fluoride Treatment

When it comes to dental health, we usually think of brushing and flossing, but another important step is often forgotten: the fluoride treatment. Many people don’t realize the importance of this simple procedure in protecting our teeth from cavities and decay.

Fluoride treatments can be especially useful for children as they develop strong tooth enamel, which will last a lifetime.

Speed Remineralization

Fluoride is a powerful tool when it comes to protecting your teeth. Not only does fluoride help protect already erupted teeth against tooth decay and acid production in children and adults, but its topical effect helps speed up the remineralization process.

In fact, during an acidic challenge, low concentrations of fluoride present in oral fluids act as absorbers on the surface of apatite crystals, which prevents demineralization.

This ultimately increases pH levels so saliva can become highly supersaturated with fluorhydroxy apatite - thus leading to faster tooth remineralization.

Enamel Protection

The importance of fluoride treatment is vast; one of its many benefits is its ability to restore minerals and protect the enamel from harmful bacteria, making it more resistant to acidity attacks. Topical application also provides antimicrobial protection so you can enjoy a healthy smile.

Healthy Gums and Teeth

Get that healthy, dazzling smile you've been dreaming of with fluoride. This wonderful mineral strengthens the enamel on your teeth, helping to prevent decay and keeping gums free from infection.

It's commonly found in toothpaste to help promote great dental hygiene for a dramatic transformation - healthier teeth mean confidence-boosting smiles all around.

Natural Protection

Taking proper care of your teeth can be a lifesaver. Fluoride is an important ally in keeping harmful bacteria at bay and guarding against dental pain.

Tooth Decay Prevention

Fluoride fights the plaque bacteria that can cause tooth decay and helps reverse the early stages of decay.

Look out for fluoride in our food – from bread to fruit juice and more - as you enjoy an array of delicious foods; this vital mineral ensures your teeth stay strong.

For Flouride Treatments Visit Us At Children's Dentistry of DuPont

Although the topical application of fluoride products has been shown to reduce caries in children, each child must receive an adequate amount of fluoride. This can be accomplished by using a variety of fluorides, such as toothpaste, mouth rinses, and dietary fluoride supplements.

A professionally applied fluoride varnish or gel is recommended twice a year for high-risk patients. If you are interested in learning more about how you can protect your child’s teeth from cavities, please call us at (253) 244-9778 to schedule an appointment.

Children's Dentistry of DuPont specializes in providing comprehensive dental care for kids and families. We are happy to answer any questions about preventive dental treatments like fluoride therapy.

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Many people don’t realize the importance of fluoride treatment in protecting our teeth from cavities and decay. Call to schedule your child's appointment today!
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