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Kids Dental Cleaning
Dupont, WA

Mother and daughter smiling after kids dental cleaning from Children's Dentistry of DuPont in DuPont, WAThe earlier that your child is exposed to positive dental experiences, the easier it is to teach them good oral hygiene practices that will last a lifetime. By the time your child turns one, you should take them to their first dental visit. Healthy teeth and gum development are invaluable during these early developmental years of your child’s life.

All of this starts with choosing a good pediatric dental team for your child. Our professionals at Children's Dentistry of DuPont can help with all of your child’s dental care needs. Start protecting your child’s smile and oral health today.

Dental Visits and Exams

Dental visits are vital to your child because they are just as susceptible to tooth decay as adults. As soon as your child’s first tooth sprouts from their gums, they can begin accumulating bacteria and plaque. Regular dental visits and exams, along with proper home care, will keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong. Their teeth are important for both chewing and developing proper speech patterns.

Even though your child’s baby teeth are temporary, they still serve many important purposes. In addition to aiding in eating and speaking, they act as placeholders for your child’s permanent teeth. A lack of proper dental care during your child’s infancy can lead to tooth decay and premature tooth loss.

Early loss of primary teeth will negatively affect the development of your child’s permanent teeth. Their baby teeth preserve space in the gums for the permanent teeth to grow. By maintaining your child’s healthy primary teeth, your child is far less likely to encounter developmental issues with their permanent teeth. Your child should have a dental exam every six months.

What Happens at a 1 to 2 Year Old Dental Visit?

During your child’s initial visit, our team will conduct a thorough oral exam. Our professional will inspect any teeth that are present and ensure they are healthy. They will also inspect your child’s gums and oral tissue. This will include checking for any possible abnormalities, such as being tongue-tied.

After completing your child’s oral exam, our team will gently clean your child’s teeth and gums. They will then discuss dietary practices with you to further aid your child in the development of healthy teeth. They will discuss what is needed for proper home care of your child’s teeth, such as which toothpaste and toothbrush to purchase.

Our team will also discuss the use of a pacifier and whether or not your child sucks their thumb. They can inform you of the potential pitfalls of prolonged pacifier use. They may also provide you with tips on how to transition away from the use of these items to improve your child’s overall oral health.

What Services Do Pediatric Dentists Offer?

Our pediatric team will also monitor the development of your child’s permanent teeth. If deficiencies are discovered, our team will provide orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth or correct your child’s bite pattern. Early detection of these conditions can improve the treatment process for your child and save you money.

In addition to preventative care, our pediatric team offers a variety of restorative dental services for your child. The most common restorative services are the use of fillings. Fillings are used if your child develops a cavity in one of their teeth. Fillings involve removing the damaged portion of the tooth and inserting a composite material into the void. We also perform tooth extractions in the case that a tooth is too badly decayed for a filling.

Ensuring that your child receives proper dental care during the first few years of their life will affect their development for years to come. Our professionals at Children's Dentistry of DuPont can provide your child with great pediatric care during these vital years of their life and get them on the right path to a lifetime of good dental health. Call us today at or come by our office and meet our team.
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Our professionals at Children's Dentistry of DuPont can help with all of your child’s dental care needs, especially dental cleanings. Book an appointment today!
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