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Your First Visit
DuPont, WA

Preparing for the Big Day

First and foremost, as a parent, we advise that you exhibit a positive attitude about going to the dentist. Children pick up these kinds of emotional triggers easily, and helping them develop a good outlook on the dentist that will last a lifetime is strongly dependent on you.

The first visit simply involves talking to you and your child, looking in his or her mouth, and making oral health assessments. As such, we recommend being honest with your child about what to expect, so they have no reason to be afraid.

On the day of the first visit it is a good idea to bring a comforting toy, a snack, and an extra diaper or two, just in case of fussiness. If possible, leave other children at home, so we can concentrate on the new patient.
Additionally, we suggest filling out our new patient forms in advance so that you
save time and effort on the day of the visit.

The Appointment

When you and your child are comfortably seated in the office, we'll spend a few minutes getting to know each other and explaining what we will be doing. Then we'll perform a gentle examination of your child’s mouth. Our dentist will be looking for any early signs of dental problems such as tooth decay, and assessing the risk that your child may develop decay in the future. Often this kind of risk assessment can help us prevent (and even reverse) the early stages of tooth decay without any drilling.

Once the check-up is complete, we will discuss the various ways to keep your child’s oral health in top condition and prevent tooth decay, the most common chronic disease of childhood. Some areas we’ll cover include:
•  Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet
•  Utilizing fluoride treatments & Dental Sealants
•  Developing good oral hygiene habits
•  Practicing optimal teeth brushing & flossing

Begin the Journey Today

Many habits are developed early in life. That's why it's important to “get it done by age one.” So when it's time for your child's first visit to a pediatric dentist, don't hesitate! Contact Children’s Dentistry of DuPont and book an appointment with our family-friendly office today!

Call Children's Dentistry of DuPont at (253) 244-9778 for more information.

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We advise that you exhibit a positive attitude about going to the dentist. Children pick up these kinds of emotional triggers easily. Call us today (253) 244-9778
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