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For Parents

Baby brushing his teeth
It’s never too early to start your child on a road to a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

At Children’s Dentistry of DuPont, our caring kids’ dentist and skilled team of dental professionals are always excited to welcome new patients to their first visit to our DuPont, WA office.

When to Come

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child's first visit to their pediatric dentist should occur by age one. Surprised? You shouldn't be! Even though there may only be a few baby teeth visible at that age, there are plenty of things our dentist can begin doing to set your child on the path to great oral health.

Some of the main reasons to begin dental care this early include:
•  Reviewing the proper ways to care for a young child's mouth
•  Going over your child's developmental milestones
•  Discussing the importance of good oral hygiene

If your child has developed tooth decay early, your pediatric dentist can take care of that too. However, typically a first visit is all about ensuring the development of healthy habits that will make future visits to the dentist more enjoyable.

Parent Participation

Because new people and places can sometimes be intimidating, we invite parents to accompany their children back into the treatment areas for their first visit to our DuPont office. After that initial examination, as your child becomes more comfortable with us, we encourage you to relax in our waiting area.

For most dental services children tend to do better when parents are not present, as it minimizes additional distractions. However, the decision to have Mom or Dad accompany children during treatment is made on a case-by-case basis. If you strongly feel that your child requires your presence, we ask you to participate as a “silent helper” unless requested to do otherwise by our pediatric dentist.

Call Children's Dentistry of DuPont at (253) 244-9778 for more information.

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Our caring dentist and team of professionals are always excited to welcome new patients! Start your child on a road to a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles today.
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