Encouraging Kids to Brush

Encouraging Kids to Brush
Posted on 05/20/2016
Encouraging Kids to Brush

brushFor many kids, brushing teeth and practicing good oral hygiene isn’t as fun as playing in the park or watching Saturday cartoons. That’s why it’s often difficult to get children into a regular routine of thorough brushing and flossing. 

Never fear—from your local DuPont, WA pediatric dentist—here are some ways you can make oral hygiene fun and encourage your children to get in the habit of brushing and flossing every single day! 

Provide Fun Tools

There are many fun toothbrushes and toothpastes designed to appeal to children. Allow your children to pick out their own toothbrushes and toothpastes and they’ll be more likely to want to use them. 

Set a Good Example

Children often mimic their parents, so set a good example by brushing and flossing regularly, and make a point of doing it alongside your child. You’ll be spending quality time with your kids while taking care of your pearly whites at the same time!

Use a Rewards System

You can create a dental care incentive system for your children—if they brush their teeth everyday for a month, reward them with some sort of prize, like a trip to the park or extra playtime before bed. Make this even more fun for your children by allowing them to track their progress with an activity, like putting stickers on a chart. 

Visit Your Local Children’s Dentist Regularly

While practicing good oral hygiene at home is important for your children and their overall dental health, it is also important to take them to visit a pediatric dentist regularly. The kids’ dentistry specialists at Children’s Dentistry of DuPont can provide many services, from dental sealants to fillings, to keep smiles looking their best. Book an appointment today and begin encouraging your children to practice good oral hygiene habits at home!